Out of the Mouths of Progressives (one in a continuing series)

Just when you think they can’t get any uglier, the so-called “progressives” are taking their delusions to another level.  On the heels of Sarah Palin calling out Obama for his relationship with known terrorist Bill Ayers, Jake Tapper reports that the McCain camp is going to focus more on BO’s very questionable judgment when picking friends, mentors, business associates, etc.  So, when their backs are against the wall, what do progressives do?  They spew venom:

“And let’s not forget that John McCian [sic] cooperated with the enemy, the Vietnamese, during a time of war. John McCain made 23 propaganda tapes for the Vitenamese [sic], in which John McCain talked negatively about the US miliary, his own country!”  This is from Leslie, open-minded progressive, in response to the afore-mentioned Jake Tapper report.  I guess we can assume that Leslie would have withstood years of torture by his/her vicious, inhumane captors and refused to make such statements? That this nasty little bottom feeder would belittle Sen. McCain for any of his actions as a Prisoner of War is loathsome and despicable.

Stay classy, liberals.


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