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House set to vote on Pelosi-care


Despite the best arm-twisting tactics of Nancy Pelosi and President Obama, there are still some Democrats who are not on board with the massive government takeover of health care. They are:

Melissa Bean — Yes 
Dennis Cardoza
Jim Cooper — Yes at 11 a.m. 
Jim Costa
Lincoln Davis
Betsy Markey
Michael Michaud
Scott Murphy
Bart Stupak
John Barrow
Marion Berry
Rick Boucher
Ben Chandler
Joe Donnelly
Tim Holden
Mike McIntyre — No
Harry Mitchell
Heath Shuler
Zack Space
Allen Boyd — No
Gabrielle Giffords
Dan Maffei
Ron Klein
Glenn Nye
Michael Arcuri
Henry Cuellar
Chet Edwards
Brad Ellsworth
Paul Kanjorski
Ann Kirkpatrick
John Boccieri
Chris Carney
Steve Driehaus
Bob Etheridge
Marcy Kaptur
Dennis Kucinich
Ciro Rodriguez
Kurt Schrader
Adam Smith
Gary Peters
Tom Perriello

Call, fax or email these folks and tell them that the American people do not want this! Contact information can be found at http://www.house.gov/house/MemberWWW.shtml. It is especially important for these Members to hear from their constituents. Ready, set . . .  go!


[Michelle Malkin is liveblogging the action here.]


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Barack Obama: Master Illusionist

According to today’s Wall Street Journal, Barack Obama’s proposed tax cut is nothing but an illusion. While Obama claims that his plan will cut taxes for 95% of working Americans, what he’s actually doing is redefining the meaning of a tax cut. Since more than one-third of all Americans pay no income taxes, something just doesn’t add up here. Turns out a tax cut in Obama lexicon equates to rebates. So the top 5% of wage earners will face a large tax increase in order to give more money to those who already don’t pay taxes. Sounds like Brian Williams should get right on this, as this would be a true “Fleecing of America.”

Welcome to Obama’s America, welfare state.

Video added: BO wants to “spread the wealth” [h/t Gateway Pundit]:

Update: Donald Lambro at The Washington Times has more on Obama’s plan to “refund” money to those who don’t even pay taxes. Barry O, spreading the wealth.

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Coming to a Theater Near You: Clueless in Chicago

According to Newsbusters, the Obama camp’s line of defense against Barry’s long association with Bill Ayers is this:  he, uh, didn’t know he was a terrorist. Wow, for two Ivy-league educated and supposedly intelligent lawyers, Barry and Michelle Obama certainly are Clueless in Chicago when it comes to choosing friends.







Barry O: Not so clueless, after all.

More worrisome every day.

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Yeah, what he said!

Jay Nordlinger has a very thought-provoking blog entry today at National Review Online.  It is entitled, “Eyes Wide Shut?”, and in it, Nordlinger asks if voters know the true extent of Barack Obama’s leftism.  I will admit that before starting this blog, I had only some idea of Obama’s past.  I can’t say that delving into it has made me feel any better.  Obama has many truly troubling relationships that he has not accounted for and the mainstream media surely hasn’t pressed him for any answers.

Some of Nordlinger’s more salient points:

  • The press will offer no help to the Republicans. You will look in vain for real Obama scrutiny in the establishment press.
  • In the fall campaign, he [Obama] has been playing a very moderate game — a moderate-to-conservative game.
  • The Left is sitting still for his moderate act, of course — they know the game. They want to win, too.
  • And if both candidates show their true colors, allowing the voters to decide: fine. If there is egregious dissembling and subterfuge (there will always be some) — well, that’s not so hot. 
I share Jay Nordlinger’s concern over whether or not voter’s are getting an accurate depiction of Barack Obama, his past, and his record.  The major media outlets have their people looking through dumpsters in Wasilla, AK, but can’t (or won’t) expend the manpower to check out the disturbing details of Obama’s past.
So, America, I ask you:  do you know the real Barack Obama?

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They, uh, paid money for this?

Some brilliant person wordled Obama’s recent speech to the Hollywood elite.  Obamuh really has a way with words.  Uh, where was his, uh, teleprompter?


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Most overused catch phrase of this election cycle

“Thrill up the leg.”  As in, “Every time Chris Matthews talks about Barack Obama, he gets a thrill up his leg.”

I have to call out conservative talkers on this one.  Admittedly, I don’t listen much to liberal talkers (are there any left standing?), so I don’t know for a fact that this is exclusively conservative material.  But my peeps are overusing this phrase in a big way.  And, apparently, this phrase can only be applied to men.  We women (yes, Decidedly Right is a chick) are excluded from feeling such thrills.  Quite unfair, to be honest, but BO wasn’t doing much for me anyway.

I nominate “<Insert liberal candidate’s name here> gives Chris Matthews the warm squishies” as the new catch phrase.  That way, it’s family friendly and we can all be included.


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