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House set to vote on Pelosi-care


Despite the best arm-twisting tactics of Nancy Pelosi and President Obama, there are still some Democrats who are not on board with the massive government takeover of health care. They are:

Melissa Bean — Yes 
Dennis Cardoza
Jim Cooper — Yes at 11 a.m. 
Jim Costa
Lincoln Davis
Betsy Markey
Michael Michaud
Scott Murphy
Bart Stupak
John Barrow
Marion Berry
Rick Boucher
Ben Chandler
Joe Donnelly
Tim Holden
Mike McIntyre — No
Harry Mitchell
Heath Shuler
Zack Space
Allen Boyd — No
Gabrielle Giffords
Dan Maffei
Ron Klein
Glenn Nye
Michael Arcuri
Henry Cuellar
Chet Edwards
Brad Ellsworth
Paul Kanjorski
Ann Kirkpatrick
John Boccieri
Chris Carney
Steve Driehaus
Bob Etheridge
Marcy Kaptur
Dennis Kucinich
Ciro Rodriguez
Kurt Schrader
Adam Smith
Gary Peters
Tom Perriello

Call, fax or email these folks and tell them that the American people do not want this! Contact information can be found at It is especially important for these Members to hear from their constituents. Ready, set . . .  go!


[Michelle Malkin is liveblogging the action here.]


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A video diary of my Congressional House Call experience

As I related yesterday on Smart Girl Nation, my trip into DC for the Congressional House Call turned out to be more eventful than I had expected. Prior to my run-in with the odious George Burke, Director of Communications for Rep. Gerry Connolly (D-VA), my day was wonderful. I want to share more about the events before, during and after my run-in with George the Bully. It started out on the west steps of the Capitol, where thousands of passionate Americans gathered under blue skies to hear from Rep. Michele Bachmann, Mark Levin, and a host of other fine conservatives. 

And the view from the south side of the Capitol:

Knowing that time was tight because I had to pick up my kids from school in a few short hours, I headed over to the Cannon House Office Building early. I was surprised by the number of Capitol Hill police officers standing watch in front of the building. The snark in me wonders if DC’s finest were on call for Gerry Connolly, who is apparently afraid of his constituents, particularly the female variety.

The line to go through security was starting to build:

My Flip video camera and I made it through security with no problems. I did not observe any signs explaining the rules of use for video equipment. In fact, I started shooting video right away, as I wandered through the halls of Cannon in search Gerry Connolly’s office (327). I was stopped by neither security nor staffer.

Once inside the office, I did as asked and filled out the form — it was clear that Gerry Connolly, once again, did not have the courage to face his constituents. I included all of my contact information and the purpose of my visit: Keep your hands off my health care! I decided to take some video while I was filling out the form. As you can see, no one said a word about me filming in the office at that point. This was my first ever visit to my Congressman’s DC office and I was documenting it, with hopes of sharing it with my 9- and 11-year-olds, who are budding history freaks. I’d also like to point out that my demeanor — as evidenced on the video — was neither aggressive nor combative. 

I returned my form to the very polite young man and took out my Flip again. If Mr. Connolly was not going to answer my question, I figured it was the job of the staff to do so. Well, answers are in very short supply in this office. After inquiring about Mr. Connolly’s position on the pending health care legislation, I knew immediately that this young man was told in advance to not answer this question. The staffer immediately deflected the topic at hand by telling me that my tiny Flip camera and I needed press credentials.

See that older, red-faced guy in the background? His name is George Burke, and he is apparently the overlord of the office and designated chief constituent harasser. As you see on the video, when I questioned why a regular citizen like myself would need press credentials, Mr. Burke started to get agitated. You can almost see the thought bubble above his head: “How DARE this peon come into MY office and ask this question on camera!” Well, George, you work for me and I have every right in the world to be there and question my elected officials.

As the video ends, you can see Burke starting to advance on me. Whereas he could have politely asked me to put my camera down and explain why they were not answering questions, he instead bellowed, “Do you live in the 11th District?!” Well, yes, George, I do! For almost three decades, in fact, and perhaps even longer than you have? I could tell the young staffer was taken aback by Mr. Burke’s aggressive behavior and he hastened to assure him that I was a constituent and had filled out the form provided. Mr. Burke did not care about that, and instead decided to forcefully push his body into my right arm, which was still holding the camera. I was incredulous. I believe I said to him, “You did not just do that.” At this point, Mr. Burke, the aggressor, denied that he had touched me and decided to the play the sissy card — he threatened to call the police on me. My offense? Not marching in lock-step to the wishes of George Burke, apparently.

I was shaken by this, as I was there by myself and the other constituents in the office seemed a bit stunned that Burke was behaving this way and a bit more stunned that I held my ground. I didn’t have the time to be arrested that day, though, as I needed to collect my four young children from school. But I knew I needed to get a name before I left. I asked him at least three times for his name and Mr. Tough Guy would only tell me “George.” Well, George, if you don’t want people to know who you are, may I suggest you not put your business card on the reception desk? I grabbed his card and rather lamely told him that I would be sure to blog about my experience. To which he replied with a smug disdain, “I’m sure you will.” TRANSLATION: Oh, you stupid little woman, this is MY town and you are a nobody.

Well, I am mostly, but not completely, a nobody. You see, what George Burke, Director of Communications, apparently doesn’t understand is that there is a thriving beehive of information out there called new media, and I am an active participant. What happened next is a testament to how far the right has come in mastering tools like Twitter, Facebook and other social networking sites. My dear friend, Tabitha Hale, tweeted that I had just been pushed by a Connolly staffer. As often happens, Tabitha’s tweet was widely retweeted, which brought the story to the attention of folks from The Washington Times, The Washington Examiner and We on the right may be in the electoral minority (for now), but we’re wickedly tenacious, something arch communicator George Burke is slow to comprehend. He, of course, has denied the episode took place — just like every schoolyard bully does.

I have been asked why I didn’t seek out security and file a complaint against George Burke. Well, I honestly didn’t think I would be taken seriously. I didn’t have the names of the witnesses and I had to leave immediately to travel back to Virginia to get my kids. And to me, George Burke’s use of physical aggression, though clearly wrong, was not nearly as bad as his arrogance. He saw me as the enemy from the start and didn’t try to hide his disdain for me, someone whose politics are different from his own. And this is, of course, indicative of today’s Democrat party. They do not see us average Americans as people, they see us the enemy who must be destroyed. It is a dangerous game for them to play because, like I said, we center-right folks are wickedly tenacious.

[Footnote: Another dear friend found some interesting history on George Burke and she blogs about it here.]

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Liberal Bloggers and the MSM Embrace Work of Sexual Predator

K. Daniel Glover at is all over the story behind the man whose video, dubbed “The McCain-Palin Mob,” went viral all over the liberal blogosphere last week. Indeed, nearly every political blogger (not to mention many in the MSM) who marches in lock-step with the liberal agenda jumped on this one.  With their usual self-righteous indignation, they exclaimed their shock, outrage and fear. Yes, these “progressive” voices, who could not care less what their unhinged brethren are up to, are scared of McCain-Palin supporters. What they should really fear is the video-maker himself.

Glover writes how the maker of the “mob” video is one Tim Russo. Turns out Russo tried to pick up a 13-year-old boy on the Internet a few years back. Unfortunately for Russo, the boy turned out to be an FBI agent. Uh oh. Since then, the convicted sex offender has been busy:

— WRUW, the campus radio station of Case Western Reserve University, booted Russo from his volunteer show in September. Russo may sue as a result of that decision, and the potential defendants include YouTube, Facebook, the conservative publication Human Events, and Republican Ohio blogger Matt Naugle.

— YouTube removed one of Russo’s other in-your-face videos as “content inappropriate.” The site also pulled his upload of a video shot for now-Rep. Tim Ryan, D-Ohio, after a copyright claim. Vimeo yanked that video, too.

— Facebook recently canceled Russo’s account for violating its terms of service. Russo thinks he got booted because of his spat with liberal writer Matt Bai.

— And prominent Washington-based liberal blogger John Aravosis of Americablog has blacklisted Russo.

And this predator is to whom the left turns to help craft their message? This deviant is looking for attention, and the dimwits on the left are feeding into it. Stay classy, libs.

UPDATE: Howard Kurtz on CNN “I’ve gone to a lot of rallies where a lot of crazy things have been said. Why are the media this week pumping up this story about McCain’s and Palin’s crowds as if it is their fault if there’s a bit of ugliness that breaks out?”  More at Newsbusters.


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Democrat Congressman Pays Hush Money to His Mistress

Courtesy ABC News
Courtesy ABC News


ABC News is reporting that Democrat Rep. Tim Mahoney has paid Patricia Allen, his former mistress and staffer, $121,000 in return for her not filling a lawsuit against him. Seems the naughty Congressman was cheating not only on his wife, but also his mistress. When Allen threatened to end the affair, Mahoney allegedly replied that her job would be in jeopardy if she did so. The scoundrel

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, overseer of the most ethical Congress in history, claims to know nothing about this. Either Pelosi is a word-class liar (yes, a distinct probability) or is clueless as to the goings-on of her own party (not likely). One can only conclude that Ms. Pelosi is an inept leader who is disingenuous in aspiring to lead an ethical Congress. Admittedly, she doesn’t have much to work with, but the Mahoney matter would have been a great opportunity to prove her mettle. Well, prove it she has. Instead of taking Mahoney to task for his loutish, not to mention unethical, behavior, she is complicit in the coverup with the quite obvious goal of preserving Mahoney’s seat, which helps ensure she stays in power. How ethical of you, Nan.

Pelosi not withstanding, there is a really amusing angle to this story: Mahoney replaced ex-Rep. Mark Foley, who himself had questionable sexual proclivities. And get this: Mahoney ran on a platform of, “Restoring America’s Values Begins at Home.” Oh, lordy, you just can’t make this stuff up!

So, in sum, scorned woman + sleazebag politician + Democrat leadership coverup = Democrats showing their true (unethical!) colors.


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Thwap! It’s the Obama, Stupid!

Okay, somebody on the McCain campaign really needs to get a clue. Trying to run on the economy is not going to work (and isn’t working) because it’s really hard to draw a distinction between McCain and Obama; they’re both, unfortunately, pro government intervention. And it’s a given that McCain wins on defense and foreign policy issues, but since all’s seemingly quiet on the western front, that’s a non-issue to many. What it comes down to is this (and I’m paraphrasing Michael Graham at NRO last week): if this election is made out to be a referendum on George W. Bush, Obama wins. If the election is made out to be a referendum on Obama, McCain wins.

So, it needs to be about Obama, and it needs to be John McCain who makes the case against him (although Sarah Palin is doing a fantastic job). And, seriously, it’s an embarrassment of riches:

  • Gateway Pundit has information on Obama’s ties to persons of questionable character (and a bonus clip of BO talking about “white greed”).
  • Michelle Malkin has info galore about Obama’s connection to the fraudsters at are ACORN.
  • Patterico talks about Obama’s connections to a socialist party.
And there’s much, much more. Plenty of material that the American electorate should know before heading to the polls in less than a month. Senator McCain, it ain’t over yet. THWAP! Get out there and make Obama the issue.


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Hey, Virginians, guess what? Mark Warner hates you.

Mark Warner, Democrat candidate for Senate here in the great Commonwealth of Virginia, is “threatened” by a great many citizens of his own state:

Got that?  If you are a Christian, a homeschooler, or a member of the NRA (in sum, a regular Virginian), you are a threat to “what it means to be an American.” Seriously, Democrats, could you swim any farther outside of mainstream America? 

It will be interesting to see how the local media, who “macaca”-ed George Allen out of the Senate, handles this. There will be a record number of articles in the WaPo, I’m sure.

Patiently waiting . . .

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Coming to a Theater Near You: Clueless in Chicago

According to Newsbusters, the Obama camp’s line of defense against Barry’s long association with Bill Ayers is this:  he, uh, didn’t know he was a terrorist. Wow, for two Ivy-league educated and supposedly intelligent lawyers, Barry and Michelle Obama certainly are Clueless in Chicago when it comes to choosing friends.







Barry O: Not so clueless, after all.

More worrisome every day.

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