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Mr. President, the campaign ended a year ago

If you don’t read Toby Harnden’s articles in the the UK’s Telegraph, you should. Whereas the media here in the U.S. willfully ignores much of the mess that is the Obama Administration, the Brits wade right in — and get it right. In a piece entitled “Barack Obama must stop campaigning and start governing,” Mr. Harnden nails it:

Essentially, however, Mr Obama won because of his persona – post-racial, healing, cool, articulate and inspirational. In a sense, therefore, his greatest achievement in life is being Barack Obama. Or the campaign version, at least.

Therein lies the problem: Mr. Obama has achieved virtually nothing. We knew he was an empty suit during the 2008 Election, and it seems he is working hard every day to prove us right. Post-racial? Yes, to everyone but the Democrats. Healing? Sure, just ask the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Cool? Arctic, actually. Articulate? Uh, let me be clear . . . not so much. Inspirational? Well, yes, he has inspired millions of previously uninvolved Americans to get politically active in an attempt to stop the over-reach of the Federal government (i.e., Mr. Obama himself).

Failing to move forward from the candidate persona into a confident leader is a major misstep for the President. He uses the previous administration as a crutch, but it’s far past the time to put down that crutch and take ownership of the harsh realties facing our nation. Rhetoric has carried him these last nine months, but if he continues this bland leadership style, it will carry him right back home to Illinois in 2013.



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Reason #13,939,493,402 that Obama Should Not be President

Via Brian Anderson at IBD: “Conservative-friendly media better get ready. Should Barack Obama win the presidency and the Democrats control Congress, as now seems likely, they will launch a full-scale war to drive critics — especially on political talk radio — right out of legitimate public debate.”

And that’s just the beginning . . .

Update: Mark Hillman at has more on the tactics of the ObamaNation.

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Barack Obama: Master Illusionist

According to today’s Wall Street Journal, Barack Obama’s proposed tax cut is nothing but an illusion. While Obama claims that his plan will cut taxes for 95% of working Americans, what he’s actually doing is redefining the meaning of a tax cut. Since more than one-third of all Americans pay no income taxes, something just doesn’t add up here. Turns out a tax cut in Obama lexicon equates to rebates. So the top 5% of wage earners will face a large tax increase in order to give more money to those who already don’t pay taxes. Sounds like Brian Williams should get right on this, as this would be a true “Fleecing of America.”

Welcome to Obama’s America, welfare state.

Video added: BO wants to “spread the wealth” [h/t Gateway Pundit]:

Update: Donald Lambro at The Washington Times has more on Obama’s plan to “refund” money to those who don’t even pay taxes. Barry O, spreading the wealth.

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Thwap! It’s the Obama, Stupid!

Okay, somebody on the McCain campaign really needs to get a clue. Trying to run on the economy is not going to work (and isn’t working) because it’s really hard to draw a distinction between McCain and Obama; they’re both, unfortunately, pro government intervention. And it’s a given that McCain wins on defense and foreign policy issues, but since all’s seemingly quiet on the western front, that’s a non-issue to many. What it comes down to is this (and I’m paraphrasing Michael Graham at NRO last week): if this election is made out to be a referendum on George W. Bush, Obama wins. If the election is made out to be a referendum on Obama, McCain wins.

So, it needs to be about Obama, and it needs to be John McCain who makes the case against him (although Sarah Palin is doing a fantastic job). And, seriously, it’s an embarrassment of riches:

  • Gateway Pundit has information on Obama’s ties to persons of questionable character (and a bonus clip of BO talking about “white greed”).
  • Michelle Malkin has info galore about Obama’s connection to the fraudsters at are ACORN.
  • Patterico talks about Obama’s connections to a socialist party.
And there’s much, much more. Plenty of material that the American electorate should know before heading to the polls in less than a month. Senator McCain, it ain’t over yet. THWAP! Get out there and make Obama the issue.


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Obama’s Spokesman: “Yeah, he knew.”

Well, that was paraphrasing.  But check out this interview of Robert Gibbs, BO flak, by Time’s Mark Halperin:

Did you catch that?  Gibbs admits that Obama continued to serve on boards with admitted, unrepentant terrorist Bill Ayers AFTER finding out about Ayers’ past. So that settles it!  Rather than being clueless, Barack Obama knowingly consorts with anti-American radicals.  End of story.

(h/t to Hot Air)

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Coming to a Theater Near You: Clueless in Chicago

According to Newsbusters, the Obama camp’s line of defense against Barry’s long association with Bill Ayers is this:  he, uh, didn’t know he was a terrorist. Wow, for two Ivy-league educated and supposedly intelligent lawyers, Barry and Michelle Obama certainly are Clueless in Chicago when it comes to choosing friends.







Barry O: Not so clueless, after all.

More worrisome every day.

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Obama and the Politics of the Playground

The Politico is reporting that the Obama campaign plans to make an issue of Sen. McCain’s association with the Keating Five scandal of twenty years ago.  Per the article, McCain-Palin spokesman Brian Rogers said (emphasis mine): “The difference here is clear. John McCain has been open and honest about the Keating matter, and even the Democratic special counsel in charge recommended that Senator McCain be completely exonerated. By contrast, Barack Obama has been fundamentally dishonest about his friendship and work with the unrepentant terrorist William Ayers, whose radical group bombed the Pentagon and the U.S. Capitol. Nor has Barack Obama come clean on his close friendship with Tony Rezko, a felon convicted on bribery charges who subsidized the purchase of Barack Obama’s home. It’s obvious that Barack Obama is frantically attacking because he knows that most voters find these kinds of friendships, and the failed judgment they expose, to be unacceptable for our next president.”

So it appears that the reactionary Barry O is channelling his inner schoolboy and playing the “I know you are, but what am I?” card.  Except for, in this case, McCain made no attempt to cover up his actions and has been cleared of any wrongdoing. Barry O?  Not so much.  The BO camp might want to rethink their playground politics, as Bill Ayers isn’t the only skeleton in Obama’s closet.

Patterico has more.


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