How do you like him now?


To all those supposed fiscal conservatives out there (and I’m sure you know who you are) who were so certain that Obama was going to govern as a centrist, I have one question for you:

Feeling kind of stupid now?

Not that you would admit to being wrong, but, yeah, you were wrong. Way wrong. And now your children, and mine, will be paying for your ignorance for years to come.



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4 responses to “How do you like him now?

  1. They are not just feeling stupid… they ARE stupid! :]

  2. Didn’t like him then, don’t like him now.

  3. wendyn1978

    And we all know that “Stupid is as stupid DOES!” and Dear God and they DOIN” some STOOPID NOW!

  4. Mommentator

    I am commenting here in hope that it spurs you to write anew.

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