Mumbai Atrocities


Gateway Pundit has two very disturbing stories about victims of the terrorists in Mumbai. The first story chronicles the gruesome scene at Chabad House, where the Jewish victims were apparently tortured before being murdered. Two of the victims, Rivka and Gavriel Holtzberg, were a vibrant, well-loved couple who leave behind a toddler son, Moishe. To read more about Rivka and Gavriel and their last Shabbat, check out this article at The Jerusalem Post.

Gateway Pundit also relates the story of Lynne and Kenneth Shaw, British tourists who were dining at a restaurant at the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel when the siege started. The couple were led by restaurant staff to a corridor, where they took refuge. Unfortunately, cable news network CNN began broadcasting information on the whereabouts of those who were hiding in the Taj. The terrorists, having access to CNN, then knew where to find those hiding. Thus, CNN put many people in jeopardy with their carelessness. Thankfully, the Shaws were rescued and are now safe at home in the U.K. They are quite understandably distressed at the role CNN played in compromising their safety.


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