Seriously, Does *Anyone* Like Rosie?

Judging by the numbers her Thanksgiving Eve special drew, not a lot of people do, in fact, enjoy the work of Ms. O’Donnell. And for good reason. She’s an utter hypocrite (remember that whole “you shouldn’t be able to have guns, but my bodyguards should” bull?) who is rather unfunny and one dimensional. Only the nitwits at NBC would think to showcase her lack of talent. But there is one thing funny about Ro, and it comes to us courtesy of Amy Proctor’s blog, Bottom Line Up Front




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3 responses to “Seriously, Does *Anyone* Like Rosie?

  1. MichaelB


    I can’t stand Rosie. It’s been nice not seeing her anywhere. Glad I missed her recent show. So apparently did everyone else LOL

  2. Don’t get me started on Rosie. I can’t stand her. Joy Behar is worse. Barbara Walters is just DUMB.

  3. That picture is a classic!!!!

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