Planned Parenthood Takes It to a New Low

Attention, Christmas shoppers! Are you looking for that perfect gift for the lady in your life? Well, Planned Parenthood of Indiana has the solution: a gift certificate for any of PPIN’s “services.” That’s right; give the gift of abortion this Christmas. Gee, what a great stocking stuff.

The idea of a gift certificate for such “services” is ridiculous in and of itself, but for Planned Parenthood of Indiana to attach this “gift” to the Christian holiday of Christmas (the birth of Christ!) is crass at best and wrong on so, so many levels. What we have here is one in a long line of examples of liberal disrespect and intolerance for Christian beliefs.



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3 responses to “Planned Parenthood Takes It to a New Low

  1. Mel

    ughhh that is so twisted and sadly par for the course.

  2. That is utterly unbelievable. If we ever wondered, now we know. No one knows the true spirit or reason of the season. Sad. Very sad.

  3. runninghoosier

    Check out how low PPIN really is at

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