How About Giving the Soul a Work Out, Mr. Obama?


President-elect Barack Obama, he of the ardent Christian faith, has yet to make it to church since being elected President of the United States nearly three weeks ago. Mr. Obama has instead used this time to work out and shoot hoops. Obama seems to be afflicted with terminally bad judgment. Since he is supposedly a man of great faith, one is left to wonder why, at the inarguably most important time in his life, he is foreswearing this faith for the sake of burning off a few calories. It would be nice to see some evidence that he is more than just an empty suit,


but all indications so far are that he is strong on style, short on substance. Oh, the hope. Oh, the change. It is truly underwhelming.

[Look here for Gateway Pundit’s alway insightful perspective.]



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2 responses to “How About Giving the Soul a Work Out, Mr. Obama?

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  2. Yes, this must be that “change” we were inundated with during his campaign. As soon as he is elected, he changes to a much less religion-influenced (Christian-influenced) person to a person who likes to shoot hoops for fun instead. Which, really, goes along nicely with the fact that he “changed” his appointees to has-beens.

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