Notes From the Commonwealth


With a grateful hat tip to Crystal Clear Conservative, I bring you news of the good works done by VA State Delegate Tim Hugo, Republican. Del. Hugo had a hand in passing a measure that will provide increased and improved health care services for children and young adults with autism spectrum disorders. This measure will require health plans to cover more services required by those on the autism spectrum, services that are often very costly. Kudos to Mr. Hugo for his role in this accomplishment. It is refreshing to see the government partake in one of its intended duties: helping those citizens who are truly in need.

Here is a press release regarding Del. Hugo:

Delegate Hugo Supports Autism Mandate

Richmond, VA (November 19, 2008) – On Wednesday in Richmond, the Special Advisory Commission on Mandated Health Benefits, led by Chairman Tim Hugo, passed a measure that will greatly help Virginia’s Autistic community.  This bill requires health insurers, health care subscription plans, and health maintenance organizations to provide coverage for the diagnosis and treatment of autism spectrum disorder in individuals under the age of 21.

Delegate Bob Marshall’s bill seeks to reduce the financial burden placed on the parents and families with autistic children.   The number of reported autism cases has increased dramatically over the past few decades, but early treatment has shown great success, which was one of the key reasons for the bill’s success.

“I was deeply stirred by the testimonies of parents across the state and from all walks of life,” stated Commission Chairman and Delegate Tim Hugo.  “One testimony in particular was from a parent who pleaded for help because they no longer wanted their child to be ‘condemned to the darkness of autism.’  As a parent of four I could not deny any child the opportunity of a normal life or any parents the chance of treatment for their kids.”

Delegate Hugo has been a member of the House of Delegates since 2002 and currently serves on four Standing Committees: Commerce and Labor, Transportation, Finance, and Science and Technology.  Hugo represents Virginia’s 40th House District, which encompasses parts of Clifton, Centreville, Fairfax Station, and Fairfax.


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