Obama’s Attorney General Nominee is a Questionable Choice At Best

While much attention has been paid to AG nominee Eric Holder’s involvement in the very questionable Frank Rich pardon by former President Clinton (not to mention two of Bill Ayers’ Weather Underground co-conspirators), not enough has been paid to Holder’s involvement in two other important events: the pardoning of 16 FALN terrorists in 1999 and the Elian Gonzalez debacle of 2000. Below is footage of Holder being grilled by a Senate panel about the FALN pardons:

If you don’t feel like watching the whole video, here is Holder’s justification for the pardons: Umm, I guess we could have done a better job. Fantastic! Just what we need in a post-9/11 world, an Attorney General who loves to pardon terrorists without being able to provide any reasonable justification. Does this guy represent the exacting standards of the Obama Administration? If Bill Ayers, Rashid Khalidi, et al., were not enough to make you question Barack Obama’s judgment, his Cabinet level nominees should.

Then there’s Elian Gonzalez. Holder was second in command to then-AG Janet Reno, and he made the ultimate decision to send in armed INS agents to retrieve the boy. And retrieve Elian they did, AT GUNPOINT. When confronted with this by FNC legal analyst Andrew Nepolitano, Holder denied the raid took place at gunpoint. Despite being confronted with photographic evidence to the contrary, Holder insisted it was all a very peaceful, zen-like transaction, with no jackbootery involved at all. Watch.

Hey, we’ve already got a terminal liar in Vice President-elect “Pinocchio” Joe Biden; do we really need one at the Department of Justice? Holder has no business being AG, and Barack Obama shows once again that he either lacks integrity, judgment, or some combination thereof.


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