Are the Anti Prop 8 Protesters Capable of Reasoned Discourse?

Judging by their actions of late, no, reasoned discourse apparently has no place in the debate over same sex marriage. In a thought-provoking piece entitled, “The Manners in Which We Live,” Rod Dreher makes an excellent case against the intolerance on display, and sums things up quite succinctly:

How are defenders of traditional marriage supposed to have reasoned discourse with people who insist that there is nothing to talk about except the terms of our surrender?

Indeed. The way I see it, the Prop 8 mobs are nothing more than petulant children whom the courts seem inclined to placate by overturning the will of the people. They’re going to throw a never-ending tantrum until they get their way. All parents recognize this ploy, but only the weak-willed succumb. There is no rationalizing with a petulant child, nor is there appeasement for the losing side on Prop 8. 

Here’s a clue for the clueless left: we don’t hate gays, we don’t hate gay unions, we do not wish to see your civil rights violated. But, just because you are an aggrieved minority does not mean that you have the right to overrule the majority, who still believe that marriage has a higher purpose and greater meaning than the will of those seeking to enter into it.

I suggest you take a lesson from the conservatives of our country: You lost, so sit back, regroup, and live to fight another day. Choosing to spew intolerance wins you no friends and only serves to hinder your cause. In other words: Grow up.

[For an interesting take on all this, visit my friends at They are a well informed, passionate and tolerant group of bloggers.]



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2 responses to “Are the Anti Prop 8 Protesters Capable of Reasoned Discourse?

  1. The responses I have received in regards to supporting Prop 8 have been completely juvenile and borderline psychotic. Even when I point out the dangerous effects of homosexuality as why I oppose such unions all I get are the three monkeys response (see, hear and speak no evil). They are in complete denial about how diseased the homosexual life is. I can’t speak for anyone else, but I am not against homosexuality because I hate homosexuals but because I love them and I think this life they have chosen for themselves sells them short. They deserve more. They deserve true marriage, not some sorry counterfeit marriage. And I refuse to let Satan take anymore of brothers and sisters and keep them in bondage.

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