The Obama Administration: A Clintonian Redux


Putting aside the obvious point that President-elect Barack Obama is decidedly not bringing any type of change whatsoever to Washington, what is behind the reason for appointing all the Clinton retreads and DC insiders? One theory has it that Hillary Clinton cut a deal with Obama many months ago. In return for her “support” on the campaign trail, according to the theory, Obama would allow her a certain amount of influence in his administration. A deal with the devil, if you will.

While this theory is certainly a possibility, and may, indeed, be partly correct, I think the real reason we’re seeing a Clinton redux is because Mr. Obama, like many of his supporters, simply does not have a clue. The man long on personality is painfully short on substance. And he knows it. So on the one hand, maybe we should be relieved that he is reaching out to people with front-line experience on the political battleground. On the other hand, this country just elected an empty suit, which is nothing to be proud of. Since the change is apparently not coming, what we’re left with is a hope for hope.

[Michelle Malkin shares her views here.]


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