Obama and the Jewish Vote: Oy Vey

A friend and I were recently discussing the results of the election; we don’t do this often as we are rarely in agreement on political issues. We came to the subject of the Jewish vote in the election and why so many Jews (77%) voted for Obama. My friend, who is Jewish, argued that most Jewish voters do their research and vote accordingly. I am not Jewish and could not fathom that any Jew who knew about Obama’s connections to Rashid Khalidi (and others) could still vote for him; I assumed they had not done their homework before voting. Turns out, my friend was right and I was wrong. Jewish voters apparently did know about Obama’s background and his intentions for Israel, they simply didn’t care

In an excellent piece entitled, “The Tragic Predictability of the Jewish Vote,” which can be found at GrasstopsUSA.com, Don Feder sheds more light on why American Jews voted the way they did. The main thrust of Feder’s argument is that “most American Jews voted their religion – liberalism.”

The Democratic presidential candidate should have set off alarm bells in the head of the average Jewish voter – from his whack-job pastor’s anti-Israel ravings, to his multiple ties to Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, to his Middle East donors, to his terrorist cheering section, to his refusal to condemn Jimmy Carter’s meeting with Hamas – Jews should have broken out in a cold sweat at the thought of this ideologue directing U.S. military and foreign policy. 

That they didn’t reflects the triumph of the heart over the head. 

It’s not that Jewish voters were unaware of the reality of Barack. The Republican Jewish Coalition spent beaucoup bucks broadcasting the facts through e-mailings to Jewish voters and ads in Jewish periodicals.  Jewish voters just didn’t care. 

Feder consulted with his friend, Rabbi Aryeh Spero, for more information on how Jews vote. He found:

[R]oughly 40% of Jewish voters are intellectually tied to the left – marching in lockstep to the beat of MoveOn.org, the anti-war movement, George Soros, Barney Frank, etc. 

Along with other dogmatic utopians, they actually believe that any enemies we have are of our own making, that America has generally been a force for oppression and exploitation in the world, that terrorism is born of poverty and despair (rather than a murderous fanaticism), that America must do perpetual penance for past mistakes, and that a Palestinian state will usher in the messianic age.


Another 25% Spero describes as “traditional, though not necessarily Orthodox. They take into account what’s best for America, Israel and Jewish survival.” They usually vote Republican. 

The last 35% are not inveterate leftists. Intellectually, they may understand the dangers of voting for an Obama. But they are connected to the Democratic Party by an emotional umbilical cord. In the end, no matter how convincing the evidence or sound the reasoning, they’ll go with their hearts. 

Feder goes on to break down the vote based on Jewish observance, with interesting results:

The AJC poll found that as Jewish observance went up, support for Obama went down. Obama had the support of just 13% of Orthodox Jews, compared to 59% of those affiliated with Conservative Judaism (which bears no relation to political conservatism) and 62% of Reform Jews. McCain got 78% of the Orthodox vote. 

Exit polling showed that of those American Jews living in Israel (overwhelmingly Orthodox) who cast absentee ballots in the U.S. election, 76% voted for McCain. 

And it’s not just the Jewish vote that is confounding; Feder notes that the Catholic vote went 56% to Obama.

Thus, 56% of “Catholic voters” cast their ballots in this election for the candidate who, as an Illinois legislator, voted for infanticide, and – in the past campaign – promised to allow the federal judiciary to impose gay marriage on the states, by repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act. [On a separate note, didn’t supposed Catholic Joe Biden say in the vice presidential debate that both he and Obama are against gay marriage?]

Feder goes on to list the myriad reasons that Jewish voters should have rejected Barack Obama; please refer to his article for the list because, as he says, it’s too depressing to list them all. So we now know that Jewish, and to some extent, Catholic, voters in general turned a blind eye to the truth of Obama and his agenda. I fear that such willful ignorance will lead to disastrous consequences.


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