“Waltzing on the Titanic”: The Youth Vote 2008

It seems that, in this last election cycle, young voters flocked to Barack Obama in droves. He’s so young (well kind of), he’s fresh and new (is that good?), and, by golly, he uses a Blackberry. I’m sure there are a host of other reasons that the Obamamessage resonated with young people, but the question must be asked: Do they truly understand what they just voted for?

In an excellent piece in The American Thinker, Larrey Anderson paints a picture of what could happen in the future, based on the European model. And it ain’t pretty. Anderson relates how kids in Europe are taught from an early age:

. . . that capitalism is evil — that the government can, and should, provide health care, employment, and eventually, guaranteed retirement benefits for everyone.

Anderson goes on to relate a conservation among young people overheard on a recent trip to Rome:

I listened as a very bright young man explained to his friends, over lunch at a sidewalk café, what was really going on: Most European countries have become, essentially, plutocracies. The socialist governments give lip service to wealth redistribution but they are tightly interwoven with the “old money” in the banking system and in big business.

Sound familiar? President-elect Obama has received vast amounts of money from banking industry PACS, including Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, and Morgan Stanley. And let us not forget that he also received beaucoup d’argent from many employees of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. To say that he is intertwined with the banking industry is a gross understatement.

While in Rome, author Anderson had the opportunity to speak to a “young” European (not so young — he was thirty-four and still living with his parents). 

He could not afford his own place. His family was having problems even paying their electrical bills.

The reason the price of electricity was so high was that the “greens” had for years stopped the Italian government from building nuclear power plants.

He drove a taxi a few days a week (the only job he could find). He had a girlfriend but could not afford to marry her. He was not planning on having children. But in the next election, he assured me, a brand new socialism was coming. He started to rattle off the names of the experts he had read in the newspapers (and he had studied in the university) who had told him so.

Again, sound familiar? Anderson sounds a warning to those Obama voters who are looking for “change”:

Listen up young Americans: What is coming to the United States is what has been happening in Europe for decades. The ships of state have smashed into an iceberg called socialism and they are sinking.

In the end, young people can be excused for voting for the more “exciting” candidate and not truly understanding the implications of Obama’s liberal agenda. They do not have the life experience necessary to realize that a move toward socialism will necessarily limit their future prospects. What is truly confounding are those “grown ups” who voted for this kind of future for their children.


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