The Hypocrisy of the Left

Which particular hypocrisy am I referring to? Well, that would be the hypocrisy shown by the anti-Proposition 8 crowd in California. Proposition 8, which passed 52 to 47%, amends the CA Constitution to define marriage as between one man and one woman. The citizenry of California have spoken, but the opponents of the amendment are trying their damnedest to shut them up. The anti-Prop 8 thugs are filing lawsuits to overturn the results (that is to say, silence the voice of the people), staging protests, and singling out individuals who supported the measure for particularly ugly harassment. In short, these oh-so-progressive types are acting no better than schoolyard bullies. They are using mob mentality to prey upon those who are weaker.

Mormons have been singled out, in particular, by the Prop 8 thugs. Sounds a bit like religious intolerance on the part of the left. Curiously, the protesters have not preyed upon those black citizens who were instrumental in helping to pass the amendment. How politically correct of them to persecute on the basis of religion but not race.

And why, you might ask, have I not heard about this in the mainstream media? Well, that’s easy. They’re busy bowing down before The One and quite belatedly asking questions of domestic terrorist Bill Ayers. Had this kind of behavior been conducted by the right, you’d better believe the MSM would be all over it. It would be front page news across the land and lead every newscast. The silence on this is deafening. It’s nothing new, but it sure is getting old.

[And, for the record, could we please note here that the GOP and the right have not, in the wake of defeat on November 4th, resorted to lawsuits, taken to the streets rioting, nor whined about being disenfranchised. It seems to me that the Democrats are becoming the party of the perpetually adolescent.]


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  1. Cathy B

    Well said! I was just discussing this very issue with my son and decided to google “The Hypocrisy of the Left” to see if anyone else perceived this situation the same way. Your post showed up as #2 in Google; that’s how I found my way here.

    I could not have said it better myself – thanks for saying it for me and for many others who no doubt feel the same way.

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