The Democrats Have a Game Plan to Erode Our Rights

Writing at The American Spectator, Quin Hilyer lays out how he thinks the Democrats are going to go about eroding the rights of conservatives. Hilyer makes the very valid point about how the GOP has not been here before; yes, we’ve been defeated before, but not by this kind of political machine (which is based on Chicago-style politics and rooted in the belief system of Saul Alinksy). Some of Hilyer’s more salient points:

These New Alinskyites who are taking over the White House, combined with the most leftist congressional leadership in memory, will not let us play by the same rules under which conservatives recovered from those earlier debacles. They will try to drastically tilt the playing field, seed our side of the field with land mines and, in short, rig the process to make it next to impossible for the political right, or Republicans, to recover.

[ . . . ]

It will begin with their efforts to secure a filibuster-proof majority of 60 senators (including the two independents).

[ . . . ]

Watch how they use as precedent the GOP “nuclear/constitutional option” on judges in 2005 — except instead of just using it for judges, watch them use it against all filibusters. 

[ . . . ]

Watch a cheerleading establishment media — the Fourth Estate as a veritable Fifth Column — actually back these lefty maneuvers. It’s all in the name of one-man/one-vote democracy, dontcha know? 

[ . . . ]

And, only when the time is right and the ground (or air) has been well prepared, will come the grand-daddy of all fights, the re-enactment of the misnamed “Fairness Doctrine.”

This article should be used as a primer by those conservatives who are rising to meet the challenges thrown down by this unscrupulous new administration. First step: know thine enemy!


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One response to “The Democrats Have a Game Plan to Erode Our Rights

  1. The Democrats will do everything and anything to win! Unfortunately, the GOP needs to step it up and fight back.

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