Hillary Supporters for McCain

Ten reasons NOT to vote for Barack Obama:

1. The FIX is in for Obama, a weak and unqualified Chicago politician, running for President of the United States.  Despite the clear will of American Democratic voters,as expressed through popular vote statistics, the DNC has put in the FIX for the weaker of the two remaining Democratic candidates, and actively worked to oust the stronger candidate. 

The DNC does NOT represent many of us as Democrats.  It has been coopted by the poor leadership, judgment and bias of Dean and Brazille. 

This is why many of us are saying “Party Unity My Ass !” 

Read More about the Incompetence of the DNC->

2. Barack Obama is a blatant, unapologetic, LIAR. And when asked to explain new statements that are in direct conflict with his other statements, he looks the public right in the eye and claims that they “just haven’t’ been listening”, despite clear and presentable evidence to the country.   The number and magnitude of his lies – particularly most recently as he veers his Escalade to the center of the road – is alarming.  On issues such as FISA, Democrats (whether they are among his supporters or not) are fuming!

Check out the list of well documented lies here, and check back often it grows daily:  Read More ->

3. Senator Obama downplays and disavows his Muslim origins and schooling. Despite the Muslim religion representing 3% of the US, and a large percentage of the citizens of the world, the Obama campaign calls attempts to identify Senator Obama as a Muslim as “ludicrous, and a “smear“, and that is incredibly disrespectful to Muslims. While not likely a practicing Muslim, Senator Obama was born into the Muslim religion, and needs to provide full disclosure to the American People about his Muslim upbringing to open up a dialog about how having a Muslim US president affects US relations with the rest of the world, positive or negative. 

Of course the candidate espousing transparency offers only a photoshopped version of a Certificate of Live Birth, rather than an actual copy of his Birth Certificate. Because of his obfuscation on this fundamental issue, speculation about his place of birth, citizenship, religious upbringing persist, and qualification for President are under scrutiny.


4. The Black Nationalist and Black Liberation Theology are not the belief system of mainstream America, and are seen by many as being as being bigoted and racist.  Obama seems to embrace both, though questioning him on this will cost you the label of “racist”.


5. Senator Obama and his campaign and supporters have shown disdain and disrespect to Senator Clinton and to her supporters. Donna Brazile, a member of the DNC Rules Panel, called Hillary Supporters “uncivil, repugnant and vile”. Many have called for her resignation from the DNC due to this and other biased positions, reflecting a hatred of Senator Clinton’s supporters, who represent over 50% of the Democratic party. Her role in the poor judgment shown by the DNC Rules Panel at the infamous May 31st, 2008 hearing, where Obama was awarded an additional 4 delegates beyond the most generous interpreting of the primary voting results in Michigan. Note that Senator Obama never even appeared on the Michigan ballot. 

At the moment when Hillary delivered the much-anticipated speech where she claimed to throw her support behind her less-voted-for, less-experienced rival, Senator Obama was off golfing.

 6. Senator Obama is simply the latest of the out-of-touch wealthy, effete, elitist Democratic presidential candidates that are too far left of the mainstream to understand the middle-class, and therefore to appeal to the middle class. Despite being far more qualified on topics of foreign affairs, the economy and the military, Dukakis, Kerry, Muskey and Gore all failed to capture the support of these essential Democratic voters. The Obama campaign’s chief Strategist argues that “we really don’t need these working class people to win“.

 7. Not only does Senator Obama fail to represent or appeal to the mainstream Democrat, he is disrespectful and has accused them of being gun-clinging racists. In a closed-door fund raiser held in San Francisco, Senator Obama is quoted as saying, of this group, “they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.” 

In July 2008, he claimed to be “embarrassed” of Americans because most cannot speak French multiple languages (and neither count Indonesian, which he lied about being able to speak).  Check it out.     According to Rasmussen polls, 83% of those polled reject his perspective.

8. Senator Obama is a featherweight in the ring with heavyweights. When pressed on tough questions, the “one” has shown visible signs of pettiness and wilting under the pressure, and once snipped back at a reporter “Why can’t I just eat my Waffle” rather than answer the reporter’s question about foreign affairs. At one press conference, the Senator became so flustered that he ran off stage after complaining that “I answered like eight questions already”. Eight questions?! His appearance under pressure during thefinal debate against Hillary Clinton was embarrassing and completely unpresidential.

 9. Democratic Presidential Candidate Barack Obama is a media creation. In Barack’s book “The Audacity of Hope” Barack describes himself as a being “new enough on the national political scene to serve as a blank screen on which people of vastly different political stripes project their own views.” David Axelrod, who led the campaign of the identically-crafted-and-messaged African-American Patrick Deval, Governor of Massachusetts, is now working on taking that blank screen to arguably the most powerful theater in the world – the US presidency. The candidates are strikingly similar, and often share words, speeches, intonations and gestures. Deval, who ran on a similar “reformist” platform, has stumbled throughout his freshmen tenure and is suffering a 41% approval rating as of April, 2008.

 10. We find that Obama’s one distinguishing quality, his eloquence – the quality so strong that we are asked to forgive his lack of even basic experience on the world stage – is fabricated and only enabled through the use of dualing teleprompters where he reads speeches written by his producer David Axelrod. Town hall events and more extemporaneous events have proven disastrous for him, as he flails about miserably without pre-written dialog and teleprompters to feed him Axelrod’s speech lines.


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