Dance Troupe @ Obama-Khalidi Dinner (of Secreted Tape Fame) Simulated Beheadings in Recent Past

Debbie Schlussel is reporting on her website that a dance troupe that allegedly performed at the Obama/Khalidi celebration dinner has recently performed simulated beheadings. Here’s the scoop from Debbie:

As you all know, the Los Angeles Times is holding hostage a tape of Barack Obama at a 2003 Arab American Action Network (AAAN) dinner at which his friends, Rashid Khalidi, William Ayers, and Bernadine Dohrn were in attendance. It’s the story I started when Los Angeles Times plagiarist/”reporter” Peter Wallsten ripped offmy January column on Barack Obama’s Nation of Islam staffers and friendship with AAAN founder Ali Abunimah.

But here’s what you haven’t yet heard: that a kids’ dance troupe that appeared at the event has a history of simulating beheadings and stomping on American, Israeli, and British flags.

This kind of “art” is merely hatred of the most vile kind. The LA Times needs to release the tape of that dinner so that we may all judge the true character of Barack Obama before Election Day.


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