The GAP Supports Voter Fraud

Via Michelle Malkin, we learn that the GAP is selling “Vote Twice” buttons at it’s stores nationwide [full story at Fausta’s Blog.] I’m sure The Powers That Be at GAP think they are being trendy and clever by encouraging voter fraud in the form of a fashion accessory. The only group this could possibly appeal to, as Michelle notes, are ObamACORN-style miscreants. And teenagers, but they’re allowed to be ignorant.

Looking forward to the NBC News piece excoriating the GAP for their extremely bad judgement.



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7 responses to “The GAP Supports Voter Fraud

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  3. I think the response by the Gap is silly, and we should not let them get away with such an offensive apology. Shame on the Gap, let them know that you are upset, and call them to complain.

  4. JAO

    first of all this button was produced before the ACORN scandal and has nothing to do with it…if anyone did their homework or were the least bit knowledgeable in art or pop culture would know that the designer of this button is John Waters, director of such cult classics as Pink Flamingos and Serial Mom…

    it is all tongue in cheek, all done to make the public aware of the importance of voting!!!…AND only an idiot knows that those registered to vote can only do it once, but hell i guess that America truly is a nation of uneducated idiots considering who is currently running things…

  5. Paul

    No “JAO,” only an idiot thinks that Obama and Acorn are not tied together and that Acorn-registered voters are ONLY voting ONCE EACH! They vote multiple times, as do illegals and dead people and dogs, and this is THE SUPPRESSION OF EACH AND EVERY COUNTER VOTE FOR McCAIN! You are the idiot “JAO” for sticking up for the gap and for acorn!

  6. JAO

    Paul i’m not saying that Obama and Acorn aren’t tied, i could care less, my point was that the moronic americans think that GAP would promote any particular candidate or something illegal as voting twice…tongue-in-cheek fun is all it is…

  7. novamom

    JAO —

    Only an idiot wouldn’t know that the ACORN scandal has been going on for years, far pre-dating the Gap button. And anyone who is knowledgeable, which obviously does not include you, would see that I never said Gap endorsed any candidate. What I did do is question is the wisdom of offering such a button during an election where voter fraud is being perpetrated by an organization (ACORN) supported by one of the candidates (Obama).

    But kudos to you for on being an expert on pop culture, as you are obviously not one on current events. I’d suggest checking your own statements before calling others uneducated idiots. Someone whose knowledge base is limited to pop culture surely cannot cast stones.

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