Phony Flier Confuses Dems in Virginia?

From the “oldie, but a goodie” category, we find that a flier has been making the rounds here in the Commonwealth advising Republicans to vote on Nov. 4 and Democrats to vote on Nov. 5. The real Election Day is, of course, Nov. 4. But NBC thinks that the good people of Virginia are such nitwits that they can’t figure out this is a spoof. Newsbusters reports that NBC News, stewards of unbiased reporting that they are, fretted about the number of voters who could be duped. They then followed this up by referring viewers to a left-wing supported organization for answers to their voting questions. Viewers with questions can call to find out how to register under multiple names, how to get a ride so they can vote in more than one state, and, in true liberal style, how to claim their vote was stolen by the GOP if their candidate doesn’t win.


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