Freaks <3 Obama

From an Obama rally in Denver, via Looking at the Left. Some supposed grown-up let this little girl wear this shirt. Tasteless at best, totally twisted at worst. I’m really finding it hard to believe that those on the left continue to see themselves as open-minded and tolerant. They can’t be that delusional, can they? Oh yeah, they ignore Obama’s past in favor of blind devotion, so I guess they are that delusional. Swell.

[h/t: Amy Proctor.]



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3 responses to “Freaks <3 Obama

  1. Anonymous

    Hah, what that is is funny, tasteless I suppose, but totally twisted? There are raunchier things to be seen in your average PG movie than this comical T-shirt. Totally twisted is carving a B on your own face and blaming it on a black man who supports Obama. Get out more, and get some perspective.

  2. novamom

    Thank you, Anon, for proving my point.

  3. logansafi

    I’m the dad of this girl and bought her the t-shirt and she thought it was funny and it was. The tasteless aspect of it deserves a laugh.

    You Right Wingers are utterly humorless. Besides you guys can’t seem to figure out that this is not a proDemocrat t-shirt at all. We are against the Iraq and Afghan occupations and protested these wars at both the DP and RP rallies that took place around Colorado. Better these 2 parties of brain dead Americans spend their time making love than blowing other peoples’ countries to shreds. A simple message delivered in a funny way.

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