Joe Knows Hokum

First off, let’s start with the obvious:

Widdle Joe Biden didn’t like the line of questioning he received from the CBS affiliate in Philadelphia.

When asked about Obama’s “spread the wealth” comments, widdle Joe whined about it all being “hokum.” Well, Pinocchio Joe knows quite a bit about hokum, as he spewed quite a bit of it when lying about money from his failed presidential campaign going to his family members and their employers. In response to the reporter’s question (based on an article in The Washington Times) about $2 million that went to Joe Slade White and Company, Biden said:

Yeah, that’s not my family.

Yeah, Joe, that is your family. Specifically, that is your sister, Valerie Biden Owens, who just so happens to be Executive Vice President of Joe Slade White and Company. Biden, devoted Catholic that he is, seems quite unfamiliar with/unaccustomed to telling the truth. And people are afraid of Palin being “a heartbeat away” from the Presidency?

And what’s up with the “Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Hold up there, old buddy?” Palin gets bashed for her “folksy” way of talking, but no one quarrels with Biden’s condescending and unabashed glibness? 

[MM has more about Smirky here. Riehl World weighs in.]


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One response to “Joe Knows Hokum

  1. Have you noticed how Joe Biden flat out lies when told something about what Obama has clearly stated for the entire world to hear?

    He lies about everything and pretends “that’s just not the case.”


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