The Oh-So-Tolerant Left

A family from San Jose, CA, who happen to be supporters of Prop 8, got to see firsthand what happens when liberals don’t agree with you. They call you “bigots.” The Sundstrom family, who favor the traditional definition of marriage, became the victims of an oh-so-open-minded lesbian couple, who parked their big, fat SUV (oh, the irony!) in front of the family’s house, with a lovely message painted on the back: “Bigots Live Here.” Gotta love that tolerance from the left!

[h/t: Michelle Malkin]


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One response to “The Oh-So-Tolerant Left

  1. Larry

    It’s more of the same. Liberals always get down to name calling when things aren’t going their way. I am so happy to see California residents stood behind the institution of marriage. I believe gays should have equal rights under the law if they are in a civil union, but marriage has been defind for centuries as a “holy” union between a man and a woman.

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