Loathing Sarah Palin

Joseph Epstein, writing in The Weekly Standard, takes a close look at why many liberals, particularly liberal women, loathe Sarah Palin. Epstein argues that liberal men sort of dismiss Palin as unqualified and move on, but liberal women take her very, very personally. I have seen this firsthand, particularly on blogs by women who laughably call themselves “progressive,” when their words reveal them to be just the opposite. They do not want a conservative woman like Sarah Palin to succeed because she threatens their entire way of thinking.

In his spot-on article, Epstein notes:

One might think that liberal women would have some admiration for Governor Palin’s appearing to have solved the working mother problem that bedevils most contemporary American women. She is very feminine yet doesn’t regard herself as a victim, and seems to be entirely at ease with men. Here is a woman raising five children who is able not only to have an active hand in the life of her community but actually win the highest political office in her state. As the governor of Alaska, moreover, she took on the corrupt elements in her own party, which requires courage of a kind liberated women especially, one would think, might admire.

Ah, yes, here is the crux of the issue: Sarah Palin manages to pull off what these bitter liberal woman cannot, and does so with style. The amount of anger out there over Gov. Palin having a supportive family that helps her succeed is baffling. Why exactly would women begrudge other women their family situation? It takes a special kind of small-mindedness and pettiness to think this way.

At the end of the article, Epstein suggests that those women who feel such rage toward Gov. Palin take a closer look at their “illiberal” feelings. A noble suggestion, to be sure, but one none of them will undertake because they feed off that rage; without it, where would they be? What would they talk about? They need their self-righteousness to help bolster their egos and they prize their role as victim because it excuses their shortcomings. Progressive, indeed.



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4 responses to “Loathing Sarah Palin

  1. Vera Olson

    I am not a liberal and I dislike Palin. First off when she was picked that day I sent money in support. Then I heard she went back to work three days of her son’s birth- then news of her teenage daughter pg status. I don’t think she is a good mother- I know that’s sort of lame. But then she started talking- then 150,000 on clothes! Then I was wondering what happened to the way she used to talk? Was that just a show? Not really her?
    I am a conservative Catholic mother of three college educated daughters- my youngest is in her final college year. It really isn’t that hard to keep your daughters from getting pg- you just have to be there- talk frank.
    My husband and I are small business owners and for the first time in 20 years we will be voting democrate. I think Sarah Palin is a phony, and it was stupid of her to go on SNL to let them mock her to her face. I would love to support a women – good looking or not but she must have the knowledge and probably more education than a communication degree. I am not an elitist all I have is a AA degree in business, but I do believe higher education is important.

  2. novamom

    While I appreciate your sentiments, Vera, I would like to point out to you that elitism is an attitude and has nothing to do with social class, education, or income. People who look down their noses at Sarah Palin because of who she is or who they think she should be are inherently elitist.

    I am also a conservative Catholic mother of four, and I know from experience that teenagers in good families can and do get pregnant. It’s how you handle the situation that is truly telling of character, and Sarah Palin supporting her daughter’s decision to keep the baby and raise it with the father speaks volumes about her character. That Barack Obama classifies this scenario as being “punished with a baby” says all I need to know about his character.

    I do not at all believe she is phony. But I do believe that her appearance on SNL was pure class; it really is quite easy to rise above the pettiness and have a sense of humor about things. That is an admirable trait that is sadly lacking in most politicians.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Vera Olson

    This is the first time I ever replied to a blog- sort of fun. I do understand with an elictist is- but who really ever knows who is and isn’t- it’s sort of like knowing who has Jesus in their heart and who doesn’t- we just have to do our best to live the example of a good and honest life.
    You are very welcome for visiting.
    Take good care and God be with you.

  4. Wow, great article pick-up.

    Liberals won’t be able to keep it from slowly unfolding through 2012.

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