Rachel Maddow: Does She Have the Guts to Admit She Lied?

(Or, at the very least, doesn’t verify her information before reporting it.)

Rachel Maddow, the ultraliberal talking head who makes the left swoon, told her Air America audience, if there is one (I want proof!), that John McCain said, “I didn’t have the guts,” in response to why he didn’t bring up Obama friend Bill Ayers in the second Presidential debate. According to Newsbusters

In an interview on a St. Louis radio station, McCain said Obama’s comments that “I didn’t have the guts” to talk about William Ayers in the last presidential debate have “probably ensured” that the former 1960s radical will come up in Wednesday’s debate.

Oh, so the comment was actually from Obama? Kind of changes the meaning completely. The dishonesty on the part of Rachel Maddow, it makes us swoon. I’m sure a progressive like Maddow will want to set the record (and her alleged Air America audience) straight on this one. [Yes, yes the irony of having the words “progressive,” “Maddow,” and “straight” in the same sentence is not lost on me.]

Such fact checking! Such honesty! Not that we expected more from an Air America/MSNBC employee. What are the odds that she ends up Obama’s spokeperson?


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