Obama — Friend to the Jews?

Maybe not. In a piece in today’s New York Post, Gabriel Schonfield lays out his case. Schonfield says,

“On Iran, Obama has joined in with President Bush and John McCain in declaring that he won’t let the ayatollahs acquire nuclear weapons. But then there’s his stated willingness to sit down personally with Iranian leaders without preconditions. This plainly helped him against Hillary Clinton when he was tacking left in the Democratic primaries – but now the prospect of a presidential summit with Iran’s Holocaust-denying president has raised concerns at all levels of the Jewish community.”


“Also worrisome: Obama’s off-handed remark that the Iranian-aligned terrorist groups Hezbollah and Hamas have “legitimate claims” against Israel.”

The American Thinker picks up the discussion, focusing on the role of Samantha Power, an Obama advisor. Per The Thinker:

Samantha Power is probably the greatest risk. She has said she will return to hold a high office in an Obama administration, She was his closest foreign policy adviser until forced to “resign” in the wake of calling Hillary Clinton a monster. This resignation was meaningless. She never left her  job at the Kennedy School of Government (home of Stephen Walt, co-author of the Israel Lobby book). Power has spoken of domestic interest groups with great financial power having too much influence in the foreign policy debate in America, has advocated terminating all aid to Israel and giving it to “Palestine”, has spoken derisively of Israelis (as a group, not individual Israelis) and has talked about how discussions all too often revolve around “What is good for the Jews”.

Can someone remind me who, exactly, is Obama a friend to? Oh yeah, radicals. And let’s not forget Rhashid Khalidi. Great.



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