Obama, Candidate of the Super Wealthy



Apparently, a little known study by Prince & Associates shows that the wealthy support John McCain, but the super wealthy support Barack Obama. Now, why haven’t we heard more about this in the mainstream press? Could it be that the whiny left would have to abandon their tired (and inaccurate) “Republicans, Party of the Rich” mantra? 

Anyway, back to the results of the study. According to the analysis by The Wall Street Journal:

“[V]oters worth $1 million to $10 million are favoring Sen. John McCain, while voters worth $30 million or more are favoring Sen. Barack Obama. The survey of 493 families showed:

More than three quarters of those worth $1 million to $10 million plan to vote for Sen. McCain. Only 15% plan to vote for Sen. Obama (the rest are undecided). Of those worth more than $30 million, two-thirds support Sen. Obama, while one third support Sen. McCain.

The reason? Taxes.”

Perhaps they’ll reconsider after the Obamunist spreads their wealth around a bit.


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