Keeping It Classy in New York City

Ben Smith at The Politico showcases the work of the left in NYC. Ben seems to think this is some sort of legitimate “street art,” but it’s just another example of the crassness that more and more defines the left. This would be the same left that decries the “rage” of McCain-Palin supporters. So it must be asked: who is creating a nasty political dialogue?

Photo courtesy The Politico




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4 responses to “Keeping It Classy in New York City

  1. Anonymous

    What’s the diffence between that poster and the one that is on the right of you webpage? I’m just curious

  2. novamom

    Hmm, let’s see. Perhaps it’s that Sarah Palin is being portrayed as a rabid predator and Obama is being portrayed as a snob. I can find you proof of Obama’s snobbishness if you’d like to find me proof that Gov. Palin is a rabid predator. Awaiting your response.

  3. Anonymous

    Sorry to offend. I was curious. To me there isn’t much of a difference. They are both in poor taste.
    – From the middle.

  4. novamom

    No offense taken. I see worlds of difference, however. Mocking someone for their attitudes vs. portraying a person as an animal foaming at the mouth are vast worlds apart.

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