RFK, Jr. is a Very Confused Man

And that’s the polite explanation for his fantastical take on the voter fraud ACORN unabashedly undertakes. Via Newsbusters, we learn that Bobby appeared on Larry King Live last Friday to talk about voter fraud. And what makes him an expert on this? Well, he’s a Kennedy, of course! And, in true Kennedy style, he has an excuse for everything. Kennedy embarrassed himself by stating:

The stuff that ACORN was involved in really was people who were working for ACORN defrauding ACORN.

You hear these stories about somebody filing 18 different registrations for the same person. Well, there’s actually nothing illegal about that. You can file as many registrations as you want. It’s only the last one that counts. And that, you know, they have Mickey Mouse registered or whatever.”

So, according to Bobby, ACORN is not responsible for the actions of their employees, although the FBI disagrees. Huh? And, also, go ahead and register multiple times. RFK, Jr. thinks it’s just dandy to create a bureaucratic nightmare for election officials who have to sort out this kind of mess, leaving them less time to assure fair and democratic elections. Seems like maybe the Kennedy brainpower is wearing quite thin.


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