McCain Blasts the “Feminist Left”

In a speech today in Missouri, John McCain took to task the “feminist left” and the media for their treatment of Sarah Palin. Amen, brutha! But I do disagree with the phrase “feminist left;” they should more accurately be described as the “supposedly feminist left.” These ultralibs like to think of themselves as feminists (helps their always foundering self-esteem), but their words and actions more appropriately reveal them to be hypocrites. If you do not march lock-step with them on abortion rights, which, honestly, is the only issue on which liberal feminism is based, you will not get their support. You see this every day in the bashing of Sarah Palin, particularly by so called “progressives.”

Camille Paglia got it right when she described Sarah Palin as an example of contemporary feminism. And there are many American women who agree with this assessment. Let’s hope Sen. McCain keeps shedding light on these hypocrites on the left.


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