The Case Against Obama

Writing in the U.K.’s Daily Mail, former Obama worshipper Edward Heathcote-Amory can see from across the pond what many here in America can not: Barack Obama is no Messiah. After reading David Freddoso’s book, “The Case Against Barack Obama,” Heathcote-Amory has made these discoveries about Obama:

  • How he was able to run unopposed for an Illinois state senate seat in 1996: “Obama employed a special consultant, Ronald Davis, to look at each of the 1,600 signatures that the sitting senator, Alice Palmer, a member of his own party, had gathered. And Mr Davis found problems with so many that Palmer was dropped from the ballot, and for good measure he managed to have the other three candidates ditched as well.” The writer goes on to note: “It was a legal electoral tactic, but a little odd from the man who had run ‘Project Vote’ – a campaign to persuade the disenfranchised to vote for the first time. Yet here was Obama disenfranchising those same voters in another way, using the toughest of political tactics to deny them a choice at the election.” 
  • On the corrupt Chicago political machine: “What’s that got to do with Obama? Well, as a local state senator and then as a U.S. senator for Illinois, he was in a prime position to speak out against this appalling corruption. Instead, he did nothing.” And: “Obama said earlier this year: ‘I think I have done a good job in rising politically in this environment without becoming entangled in some of the traditional problems of Chicago politics.’ The evidence, unfortunately, suggests otherwise.”
  • On his time in the U.S. Senate: “Obama hasn’t been there long, but one of his much-trumpeted-achievements was the Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act, 2006. This helped expose, and therefore limit, the system of ‘earmarking’, where legislators direct national funds to parochial local projects, often as part of dodgy deals to get their support for national legislation. So it is doubly disappointing that in 2007, Senator Obama ‘earmarked’ $1 million for the University of       Chicago medical centre. The vice-president of the centre is his own wife, Michelle Obama.”

Obama is a snake oil salesman for the ages. How can so many people buy into his phony political schtick?


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