Ah, Life in the People’s Republic of Maryland

Those open-minded Democrats are at it again. The Washington Post reports that a hotel and conference center in Prince George’s County, home to a largely affluent black community, recently put up a pro-McCain message on it’s marquee. The oh-so-tolerant residents, who surely prize free speech, were outraged. How dare someone in “Obama Country” not march in lock step with them? A hundred phone calls and dozens of e-mails later, the message was removed. There you have it: democracy, Obama style.

The article goes on to report other instances of businesses who support one candidate over another. The owner of Axis, a hair salon in D.C., has declared his shop a “Sarah Palin-free zone” and has Obama bags in the shop window. Interestingly enough, not one McCain supporter has complained and insisted on equal time. There you have it: democracy, McCain style.


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