Liberal Bloggers and the MSM Embrace Work of Sexual Predator

K. Daniel Glover at is all over the story behind the man whose video, dubbed “The McCain-Palin Mob,” went viral all over the liberal blogosphere last week. Indeed, nearly every political blogger (not to mention many in the MSM) who marches in lock-step with the liberal agenda jumped on this one.  With their usual self-righteous indignation, they exclaimed their shock, outrage and fear. Yes, these “progressive” voices, who could not care less what their unhinged brethren are up to, are scared of McCain-Palin supporters. What they should really fear is the video-maker himself.

Glover writes how the maker of the “mob” video is one Tim Russo. Turns out Russo tried to pick up a 13-year-old boy on the Internet a few years back. Unfortunately for Russo, the boy turned out to be an FBI agent. Uh oh. Since then, the convicted sex offender has been busy:

— WRUW, the campus radio station of Case Western Reserve University, booted Russo from his volunteer show in September. Russo may sue as a result of that decision, and the potential defendants include YouTube, Facebook, the conservative publication Human Events, and Republican Ohio blogger Matt Naugle.

— YouTube removed one of Russo’s other in-your-face videos as “content inappropriate.” The site also pulled his upload of a video shot for now-Rep. Tim Ryan, D-Ohio, after a copyright claim. Vimeo yanked that video, too.

— Facebook recently canceled Russo’s account for violating its terms of service. Russo thinks he got booted because of his spat with liberal writer Matt Bai.

— And prominent Washington-based liberal blogger John Aravosis of Americablog has blacklisted Russo.

And this predator is to whom the left turns to help craft their message? This deviant is looking for attention, and the dimwits on the left are feeding into it. Stay classy, libs.

UPDATE: Howard Kurtz on CNN “I’ve gone to a lot of rallies where a lot of crazy things have been said. Why are the media this week pumping up this story about McCain’s and Palin’s crowds as if it is their fault if there’s a bit of ugliness that breaks out?”  More at Newsbusters.



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10 responses to “Liberal Bloggers and the MSM Embrace Work of Sexual Predator

  1. Shalom Anonymous,

    That Tim Russo was guilty of a fifth-degree felony, the lowest possible, put on a one-year probation, the lightest sentence possible, that the judge later reduced to four months. Russo was never labeled a sexual predator or required to register as a sex offender. Those are the facts.

    Having said that, can we have a discussion about the actions of the McCain/Palin supporters in the video shot by Russo, as well as the people in the growing number of similar videos rapidly appearing on YouTube? The people in the video have no idea who Russo is so his history can have had no influence on their behavior.

    Do you think their behavior is appropriate for law-abiding, free citizens of our United States of America?

    That is after all what is on the table here, ad hominen attacks notwithstanding.



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  3. novamom


    Thanks for the comment and link from your page. What actually is “on the table” in my post is the fact that so many liberal bloggers and the MSM glommed on to the work of a self-aggrandizing felon. I never implied that Russo’s checkered past influenced what the people on his video said. I do say outright that it’s laughable that this miscreant dares to call people out on their behavior.

    If you’re willing to give Russo a pass for felonious behavior, why exactly do you hold the people in the video to higher standards? They, after all, are exercising their right to free speech. Which is, as yet, not against the law.

  4. Shalom Novamom,

    I don’t give Russo a pass. But I do recognize that in the eyes of our Law, he has paid his debt to society and is not deemed by our Law to be a threat to our society.

    I cannot say the same for people who willfully choose to cling to lies that Senator Barack Obama is anything but, as Senator John McCain has said publicly, “a decent family man with whom [McCain] happen[s] to have some disagreements.”

    I do not begrudge McCain’s supporters their free speech. People who know me as a journalist know that I am a rabid defender of our First Amendment and a champion the rule that the only response to objectionable speech is never censorship, but more speech.

    This is exactly what Russo and I and many others are doing. We have no wish to silence these supporters of John McCain, but rather we wish to engage in a transparent dialog where the message and not the messenger is the topic.



  5. novamom


    Your wish to engage in a transparent dialogue seems a bit one dimensional if you do not include the ugly things and blatant lies being said by the left. Look around my blog — there are plenty of examples. In the interest of transparency, it would be interesting to see Mr. Russo record things being said by the crowds at Obama rallies. Michael Barone of US News and World Report has some interesting things to say about this very matter at:

    And regarding Russo himself, his transgression of 2001 is hardly ancient history. Taking into account his more recent actions, I’d say it’s fair to take the messenger into consideration, too, for his motives are very suspect.

  6. Shalom Novamom,

    It’s not up to Russo to record Obama supporters.

    But if people feel that:

    Obama Supporters May Spew More Hate Than McCain Backers

    then they are obligated to get out there with their video cameras, record the spewing of hatred and post those videos on YouTube.

    In a free society, the correct response to objectionable speech is not censorship but more speech.

    As to Michael Barone’s article, I find the use of the qualifier May in this headline interesting, specially when it is coupled with this statement:

    A standard meme of mainstream media last week was that John McCain crowds were seething with hate—based on the responses of one or two people in the crowd.

    Either Barone hasn’t actually watched the videos, can’t count — in Russo’s videos alone there are many more than one or two people of interest in the crowd — or he’s intentionally lying to his readers.

    Then there’s this Barone sentence:

    But you can find at least as much seething, and I suspect more, on the left. Obama supporters have planned to lob Molotov cocktails at McCain events, for example.

    First, Barone asserts a fact that he doesn’t even attempt to support and then follows it with a suspicion. Where are the news reports, where are the videos taken by McCain supporters?

    And when he does provide a link to an incident, we find that he lies about it. No McCain event was involved. Instead two alleged criminals set fire to a four-foot by eight-foot yard sign, were arrested and, if the law works the way it should, will be tried, and if found guilty, sentenced in what the judge finds to be an appropriate manner.

    If I were a McCain supporter I would buy or borrow a video camera and hit every single Obama event in my community to record all the hate and venom I can find and rush those videos to YouTube.

    Make your message clear and strong. Speak truth and not innuendo.



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  8. novamom


    Thanks again for your comment. One need not go to an Obama event to find the hate and venom from Obama supporters — it’s all over the place:

    I’d say the message here is clear and strong, wouldn’t you agree?

    I find it strange that you hold up Russo’s work as the gold standard of citizen journalism. Perhaps the reason there isn’t a plethora of videos from Obama events is that McCain supporters respect the right of Obama supporters to gather and rally for their candidate. Perhaps McCain supporters don’t show up at events for the sole purpose of creating a “gotcha” moment. Or perhaps McCain supporters don’t need to crash Obama events to find the vitriol from the left as they can find plenty of it in every day life.

  9. Shalom Novamom,

    I’ll be happy to examine each of your links in order, and I’m linking to your comment so my other readers can see the examples as well.

    But first, can we discuss your example from Michael Barone?

    How do you feel about the two pieces I chose to comment on — the gross understatement of the number of people-of-interest in Russo’s, and others, videos and the case of the burning of a campaign sign?



  10. novamom

    First off, I think the number of McCain supporters involved in the video is irrelevant. The people on the tape do not represesent the vast majority of McCain supporters, as I assume the examples I referenced do not accurately represent the vast majority of Obama supporters. People say and do ugly things; you can choose to ignore them or choose to paint with a broad brushstroke and say that all Obama and McCain supporters are ignorant.

    As to whether torching a McCain sign was part of an “event” or not, well, that’s just pure semantics. It matters not a bit. Those two goons tried to silence someone else’s right to free speech, and endangered the safety of others in doing so. The fact that it didn’t occur at an “event” does not render it any less deplorable.

    Your position seems to be that you can only tell the true nature of Obama supporters vs. McCain supporters by comparing “undercover” videos taken at campaign events. I would note here that not everybody has the luxury of time that allows them to attend campaign rallies and tape people. There is plenty of evidence of the hate and venom of the left that can be found right here at my little old iMac. And this evidence is just as valid and relevant as Russo’s tape.

    And where are the media, you ask? Good question. They should be out more thoroughly vetting Obama, covering the scandal that is Tim Mahoney, and getting to the bottom of who the hell is responsible for our current economic mess. Instead, they are searching through garbage dumpsters in Wasilla, AK and tsk-tsking the “rage” at McCain rallies. Which brings us full circle.

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