Barack Obama: Master Illusionist

According to today’s Wall Street Journal, Barack Obama’s proposed tax cut is nothing but an illusion. While Obama claims that his plan will cut taxes for 95% of working Americans, what he’s actually doing is redefining the meaning of a tax cut. Since more than one-third of all Americans pay no income taxes, something just doesn’t add up here. Turns out a tax cut in Obama lexicon equates to rebates. So the top 5% of wage earners will face a large tax increase in order to give more money to those who already don’t pay taxes. Sounds like Brian Williams should get right on this, as this would be a true “Fleecing of America.”

Welcome to Obama’s America, welfare state.

Video added: BO wants to “spread the wealth” [h/t Gateway Pundit]:

Update: Donald Lambro at The Washington Times has more on Obama’s plan to “refund” money to those who don’t even pay taxes. Barry O, spreading the wealth.


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