Democrats Running Scared Here in Virginia

How else can you explain the presence of “nonpartisan” election officials in Fairfax County visiting the county jail to register inmates to vote in the upcoming election? They probably registered as many dead people as they could, now they have to move on to felons. One small problem: felons can’t vote in VA without having their rights restored by the governor. These “nonpartisan” officials claim they delivered materials only to the those inmates who have misdemeanors or are awaiting trial on felony charges. There could be some credibility problems, however, as the sheriff who allowed this to happen is a Democrat, and the General Registrar, who claims to be nonpartisan, is also a Democrat. I’m sure it’s all on the up and up here. I shall have to call on my “sources” inside the jail to keep an eye on this one!

By the way, has someone re-defined “nonpartisan” and failed to let me (and Websters) know?


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