Palin Haters — Permanently Stuck on the J.V. Squad

Of all the ridiculous things that liberal females (and some wussy males, too) whine about, the one I love best is that Sarah Palin is the mean girl from junior high school. Yes, it seems that “progressives” cannot move past their adolescent angst and cling to their insecurities to justify hating Gov. Palin.  Shallow at best, pathetic to the core, and quite the antithesis of progressive.  “Stunted” might be a more suitable moniker.

Yes, all over the web, there is a chorus of sad lefty women singing, “She was the girl who wouldn’t be my friend” and “She stole my boyfriend.”  Then there’s, “She’s smug, judgmental, condescending” and “I’m not afraid of her, but I’m going to keep mocking her every day just to convince myself that I’m not afraid of her.” Woe is me. 

It doesn’t get much more superficial than that. How sad is it that these supposed grown ups have to make themselves feel better by projecting onto Sarah Palin all the insecurities of their inner teenager? They hate her because she advanced to the big leagues, while they’re permanently stuck on the junior varsity squad. These women have no knowledge of who Sarah Palin is as a person, but that doesn’t matter because they don’t like the way she makes them feel about themselves. It’s all about the feelings, facts be damned. Well, someone hasn’t moved past junior high, and it’s not Sarah Palin. 

Democrats, the party of those afflicted with low self-esteem, need to remember what Mom told us when we were younger and in need of direction: “Time to wear your big girl panties.”


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  1. DH

    Nice! Well on your way to H.L. Mencken status 🙂

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