Sarah Palin is a class act!

Per Gateway Pundit, check out the end of this clip for Sarah Palin’s response to a heckler:

She handled the situation with aplomb.  No wonder she scares wusses like Erik Orse at the HuffPo.  The title of his piece suggests that Sarah Palin’s free thinking has created “friction” inside the campaign; what Orse has created is “fiction” because he offers absolutely no evidence to back up this claim. (Why is it that liberals always mistake their feelings for fact?) The real gist of the article is that liberal men are scared witless (or something that rhymes with that) of women who think for themselves.



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3 responses to “Sarah Palin is a class act!

  1. joe

    That is 100% correct.

  2. Seriously

    How can Palin’s son be fighting for the freedom of speech available to the “crazed protester” in America when Iraqis have made no move to restrict that freedom? In other words, troops in Iraq are NOT defending America’s freedom because that country has not launched an offensive against it. Palin’s “best comeback ever” is a complete non sequitur.

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