An Honest Democrat (yes, really!)

Artist Marc Rubin, who is an honest Democrat, writes a blog called Tom in Paine. His posts are insightful, coherent, and on the mark.  He does not want Barack Obama to be elected in November because he has taken a long look at BO and the inner workings of the DNC, and he does not like what he sees.  He argues that a Barry O presidency would increase poverty and likely signal the destruction of the Democrat Party. He is very likely right about that.

In a post from last week entitled, “How Democrats Can Defeat Obama, See McCain Win, Still Get Everything They Want and Respect Themselves in the Morning,” Rubin lays out the argument for Democrats to help defeat Obama.  He says, “For those who actually think Barack Obama is qualified to be President, no amount of truth, logic or reason is going to change their minds. To do so means having to admit they were taken in and made fools of, and as any cop will tell you, most con men get away with their con because their marks are so embarrassed to admit they were taken they just keep quiet.” I see that every day whilst perusing various left-wing blogs and websites.  There is a serious amount of denial out there, and once these people wise up to the ugly reality of the true Obama (not the unblemished media version of him), it could be too late.  And it could mean the resurgence of a Reagan-esque GOP (pray God!).

Check out Rubin’s website.  It is refreshing to read the thoughts of a rational liberal, who uses fact, not emotion, to lay out his case.  I wonder how many Democrats out there are courageous enough to agree with him?


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