America, this is what a feminist looks like

Shelly Mandell, president of the L.A. chapter of N.O.W., has given Sarah Palin a ringing endorsement:

In giving her endorsement, Ms. Mandell said, “Hey, she’s gonna work on persuading John McCain on ANWR, I’m gonna work on persuading her on things of my own. I know Sarah Palin cares about women’s rights, she cares about equality, she cares about equal pay.” This is not an endorsement from NOW itself; it is the personal seal of approval from a woman who can look past ideological differences and recognize that Sarah Palin symbolizes the 21st century version of feminism.  Mandell is quite courageous for backing Palin, as she is sure to be demonized for her actions by so-called “open-minded” progressive feminists.  You know the type:  they’ll support you if you think like them, but if you don’t, they’ll treat you like a traitor.

The type of feminism idealized by Gloria Steinem and her ilk (i.e., 1970s feminism) has long ago passed it’s expiration date.  Sarah Palin is resonating with women across the United States (us filler state types, at least) because she is real and has succeeded despite the attempts of others to held her back. Shelley Mandell obviously recognizes this.


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One response to “America, this is what a feminist looks like

  1. sauer kraut

    Palin cares about womens’ rights?

    Oh sure.

    Once raped, it’s a woman’s right to pay for her own rape kit. Hey, wasn’t it a great republican from Texas who said that if a woman was being raped, she might as well enjoy it? Palin’s the same when it comes to rape kits.

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