Obama: Worrisome, indeed

John Ridley has a piece today at the Huffington Post entitled, “Barack Obama’s Worrisome Campaign.” In it, he takes the obligatory shots at John McCain (it is the HuffPo, after all), but he also notes some rather troubling aspects of Obama’s campaign style that would be disastrous if he were to make it into the White House. Ridley refers to Obama as, “One who’s distracted and reactive, rather than focused and proactive. One who’s constantly moving to a rhythm set by others.”  Not exactly what we want in a president in a very complicated time in history.

Ridley goes on to say that “The bolt of the decisive fight isn’t in Obama’s quiver.”  Great.  Just great.  We face constant threat from Islamofascists both here and abroad, and this guy this is neither decisive nor a fighter?  Can we really afford to risk putting our fate in his hands?  Utterly worrisome.

Ridlely concludes by saying, “Let’s hope president Obama, different from candidate Obama is more proactive rather than deus ex machina.” And this is from an Obama supporter!  His own people don’t even trust him.

There are many very good reasons to be worried about this guy, not the least of which is his very low standards when picking friends.  It doesn’t seem like he has very good judgment.  Just today, The Washington Times has a piece on how the FBI is investigating one of Obama’s “poker-playing” buddies for alleged lobbying misdeeds.

Wouldn’t it be great if the mainstream media and their ilk, who spend innumerable hours picking apart Sarah Palin, who is not running for President, would spend an iota of that time vetting Obama, who is, in fact, running for President? What they’d find would be ugly, to be sure, but that information would be more valuable for the electorate to have than the contents of the dumpsters of Wasilla, AK.


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One response to “Obama: Worrisome, indeed

  1. Patty

    OJ is found guilty and the Huffington Post is actually taking a realistic look at Obama. My hope is restored!

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