Lefty Blogger Bingo


Let’s put together a Lefty Blogger Bingo card, a la last night’s Palin and Biden Bingo cards.  Rather than rate the debate on the issues or the candidates’ stated positions, the libs will instead talk about these topics:

Palin’s pronunciation of the word “nuclear.”

Palin writing down notes.

Palin winking at her father in the audience.

Palin’s daughter holding the baby after the debate.

Palin talking to the camera.

Palin’s “Joe Six Pack” reference.

Was that really Palin and not Tina Fey.

What a great skit SNL is going to have this Saturday.

The first person to get BINGO will get of copy of the soon-to-be released fairy tale, Pinocchio Joe:  A Tale of Three Hometowns.

CHIP #1:  Big lib Chris Matthews (he of the warm squishies) called Palin a “dolt” for looking into the camera.

CHIPS #2 and 3:  This is a double score from the always bitter women at Momocrats!  Instead of writing thoughtfully on the issues covered in the debate, the ladies resorted to attacking Palin on her speaking style.  Apparently the momocrats are of far superior intelligence.  Anyway, back to the game.  If you had, “The winking? That made me want to punch her in the face” or “Joe Six-pack (puhleez)” then go ahead and add your chip/s.


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