Notes From the Vice Presidential Debate


First, my thoughts on Joe Biden:

  • “I’m not going to change.”  So, let me get this straight?  The ticket that’s running on “change” is not going to change?  It’s going to be pretty darn expensive to change all those signs!
  • Hey, Joe Biden stole G.W.’s smirk!  That filthy rotten thief!  President Bush has spent years perfecting that smirk, and in one short evening, Joe Biden has assumed it as his own.  Trademark infringement!
  • How many hometowns does Joe Biden have?  There’s Scranton.  There’s Wilmington.  There’s Claymont. With every new answer, we got a new hometown.
  • Was Mike Mansfield the most contemporary legislative figure he could come up with?  I mean, the guy left the Senate over THIRTY years ago.  Someone’s been in Washington a wee bit too long.
  • John McCain won’t meet with the leaders of Spain?  Are we to assume that Biden’s debate prep was handled by Talking Points Memo?  (Note: TPM is a very liberal, often inaccurate website.  What John McCain actually said was, “Honestly, I have to analyze our relationships, situations, and priorities, but I can assure you that I will establish closer relationships with our friends, and I will stand up to those who want to harm the United States.”  Telling the truth is often hard for Biden, and Pinocchio Joe’s impulse control lost out on this one.)
  • Was it my TV’s extra sensitive soundbar, or is this guy a major nose breather?  I think his outward gusts blew through my hair a few times.
Thoughts on Gwen Ifill:
  • Overall, did a pretty even-handed job.
  • Slipped up a little with trying to insinuate Vice President Cheney (the devil incarnate to libs everywhere) into the conversation.  It’s an old standby with liberals.  She probably had to take out her reference to Karl Rove after yesterday’s fussing.
Thoughts on Sarah Palin:
  • She rocked!
  • Tina Fey does look disarmingly like her (or is it the other way around?).
  • I’m sending my resume to her office right now.
MM agrees.

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