From the Mouths of Progressives (one in a continuing series)

Ah, so-called progessives, they’re always good for a laugh. The simple fact that today’s “progressives” think of themselves as forward thinking and open minded is a joke in it’s own right. But then they open their mouths and prove themselves to be nothing but hypocritical (and often condescending). In an effort to bring you the best progressive rantings on the Web, we here at Decidedly Right bring you the new series, “From the Mouths of Progressives.”

Today’s installment comes via Michelle Malkin. Michelle is a conservative columnist, blogger, public speaker and contributer to Fox News. She tells it like she sees it, and is not afraid to call out Republicans (and of course Democrats) for their wrongdoings and/or misdeeds. She is a free thinker, which is very threatening to liberal reactionaries (who presumably hide behind the word “progressive” to help their self esteem). She is thus the target of many unhinged leftists and their oh-so-forward-thinking screeds. Michelle published one such piece today; here are some excerpts:

“Don’t you wonder why in times like this they trot your slanted-eyed self out, along with several willing negro and hispanic housemaids and boys, and have you deliver their poison in the belief that fair thinking, intelligent People of Color are as stupid and easily bought as you?”

“On the off chance that this does get to your narrow-minded eyes I am sure you will have a big laugh with the white boys and girls in your office (the same ones who refer to you as a “chink” behind your back).”

This lovely discourse is from Gail T. of Alexandria, VA, in response to Michelle’s criticism of Gwen “Age of Obama” Ifill moderating tonight’s VP debate (since Gwen has authored a book about Barack Obama and has a fair amount ($$$$$$$$) to gain from an Obama/Biden win). You can be sure that Gail T. has self-righteously whipped herself into a bigoted, vile frenzy and feels completely justified in doing so because, hey, she’s progessive, and if you don’t think like her, you’re “stupid.” Unfortunately, there’s nothing Midol can do to help Gail.

Now, to be fair, not all “progressives” are this nasty and disgraceful. But there are a fair amount of them who are one Sarah Palin soundbite away from falling into the abyss.


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One response to “From the Mouths of Progressives (one in a continuing series)

  1. Dave B

    black male conservative…. check
    black female conservative …. check
    pretty asian female conservative….. check
    mindless red lemming idiot…. Hey Gail T are you interested?

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