Yeah, what he said!

Jay Nordlinger has a very thought-provoking blog entry today at National Review Online.  It is entitled, “Eyes Wide Shut?”, and in it, Nordlinger asks if voters know the true extent of Barack Obama’s leftism.  I will admit that before starting this blog, I had only some idea of Obama’s past.  I can’t say that delving into it has made me feel any better.  Obama has many truly troubling relationships that he has not accounted for and the mainstream media surely hasn’t pressed him for any answers.

Some of Nordlinger’s more salient points:

  • The press will offer no help to the Republicans. You will look in vain for real Obama scrutiny in the establishment press.
  • In the fall campaign, he [Obama] has been playing a very moderate game — a moderate-to-conservative game.
  • The Left is sitting still for his moderate act, of course — they know the game. They want to win, too.
  • And if both candidates show their true colors, allowing the voters to decide: fine. If there is egregious dissembling and subterfuge (there will always be some) — well, that’s not so hot. 
I share Jay Nordlinger’s concern over whether or not voter’s are getting an accurate depiction of Barack Obama, his past, and his record.  The major media outlets have their people looking through dumpsters in Wasilla, AK, but can’t (or won’t) expend the manpower to check out the disturbing details of Obama’s past.
So, America, I ask you:  do you know the real Barack Obama?

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