Sarah Barracuda: Watch out Pinocchio Joe!

The Politico today has a very interesting story on Sarah Palin and her ability to debate.  In advance of tomorrow’s vice presidential debate, there have been a lot snarky comments about Palin and what is perceived as her lack of experience.  According to writer Alexander Burns of the Politico, Palin has performed exceptionally well in previous debates. In fact, during the debates of her 2006 candidacy for governor, Palin “proved herself to be a comfortable and confident debater.”  Sure, she doesn’t have the national level debate experience that “Pinocchio Joe” Biden, presidential also-ran, does, but she beat the old dogs of Alaska, and her debate skills helped her do that.  

Now, were immoderate moderator Gwen Ifill to be fair tomorrow night, she would question the Veep candidates on not only a wide range of policy issues, but also delve into executive experience.  Since angry liberals (why are they always angry?) are so frightened (why are they always so frightened?) of having Gov. Palin “a heartbeat away” from the presidency, it is very important, not to mention fair, to see how prepared each candidate is to assume such a position.  

So, today, Biden and Palin prepare for tomorrow.  Palin, obviously, concentrates on policy, while P.J. is apparently working on setting the bar low for himself.  Biden is trying to frame himself as the underdog, which shows a worrisome lack of confidence on the part of the O/B team considering he has been a Washington fixture for many decades.  Should be interesting.

PS — Kudos to Debbie Dingell, who appeared earlier today on Fox News, for giving an honest assessment of tomorrow’s night debate.  It’s refreshing to hear a female Democrat express her opinions without a hint of shrewishness or disingenuousness.

UPDATE:  Jake Tapper has more on setting expectations for the debate.


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  1. Sadly, the odds of Ifill being fair – or even not obviously partisan in favor of Obama – is quite low.

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