Libs Gone Wild, Celebrity Style (Update)

In a follow-up to a post from a few weeks past, the always-nasty Sandra Bernhard has uglied herself right out of a job.  According to, “Comedian Sandra Bernhard has lost her slot as a keynote speaker for a women’s shelter in Massachusetts after attacking vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin on abortion. In a monologue criticizing the Alaska governor, Bernhard made crude comments about rape that cost her the gig.”  A spokesperson for the the Boston-based Rosie’s Place said, “Rosie’s Place provides a safe haven for poor and homeless women, some of whom have experienced violence in their lives. Therefore, we do not believe that violence against women is a joking matter and will not be including Ms. Bernhard in our upcoming fundraising event.”  Amen to common sense and decency prevailing in Boston!

Can you imagine how decidedly non-progressives progressives would howl with self-righteous outrage were a comedian to joke about the brutal rape of, say, Michelle Obama or Jill Biden?  Where are they now?  Their silence is deafening.

(h/t to MM)



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2 responses to “Libs Gone Wild, Celebrity Style (Update)

  1. Jason

    Good riddance. I’m surprised it wasn’t ignored the way most crazy lefty comments seem to be.

  2. peach

    interesting the libs and especially the National Women’s Movement’s deafening silence over this, but when Anne Coulter displayed her dark humor that she sometimes thinks women should lose their right to vote, they where screaming bloody Murder! obviously both where dark humor in bad taste, but I think rape is a much worse fear for women than losing our right to vote! I’m not minamalizing the latter, but between the two, arape joke is far worse!!!

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