Gwen “Age of Obama” Ifill and the Very Immoderate Debate

Here we have Presidential nominee Barack Obama and Gwen Ifill, supposed impartial journalist.  Can you feel the love between these two?  Ms. Ifill feels the love so much that she has penned a book called The Breakthrough:  Politics and Race in the Age of Obama.  Interestingly enough, this book is due to be published January 20, 2009, otherwise known as Inauguration Day.  One can reasonably assume that Gwen and her publisher are banking on an Obama win to take them to the bank.  Therefore, one can also reasonably assume that Ms. Ifill et. al, will be doing all they can to ensure an Obama win.  Their personal interests count on it.

So it is certainly concerning that Gwen Ifill has been chosen to moderate tomorrow’s Vice Presidential debate between Sen. Joe Biden and Gov. Sarah Palin. It is also disconcerting to discover that The Commission on Presidential Debates has not imposed any guidelines on Gwen’s questions or duties.  The McCain/Palin campaign agreed to this without knowing about the pending book. This a major conflict of interest and, at the very least, Gwen Ifill needs to acknowledge her book to whole county at the start of the debate.  All decent and fair-minded citizens should insist on this.  You can bet that conservative citizen journalists will be monitoring this situation very carefully.  I, of course, will be looking for the outrage from the progressive, open minded liberal bloggers.

Michelle Malkin has more here and here.

Also, The Commission on Presidential Debates can be reached at: 202-872-1020; the Executive Director of the Debates Commission, Janet H. Brown, can be contacted at:


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