Joe Biden earns four Pinocchios from the WaPo

When Democrats lie, they reeeeaallly lie.  Take, for instance, Joe Biden.  His knack for gaffery is the stuff of legends.  But his knack for telling lies, well, it’s really quite extraordinary.  He recently told a crowd that John McCain is “proposing the largest increase on middle class taxpayers in American history….It will cost the middle class over one trillion dollars in additional taxes. So ladies and gentlemen it’s almost unbelievable, you almost don’t believe what I’m telling you, because it sounds so wrong.”

Well, Joe it is so unbelievable because it is so wrong.  As in you are so very, very wrong about McCain’s health care plan that even The Washington Post-Democrat is calling you out for being a LIAR.  Four pinocchios?  Here’s a bit of very compelling clarification, courtesy the WaPo (emphasis mine):  

“It is true that McCain has proposed taxing the health-care benefits that Americans receive through their employers. However, Biden conveniently overlooks the fact that the Republican nominee is offering tax-payers a credit that should cover the cost of going out and buying insurance.

Pinocchio Joe.  He just doesn’t get it <<said in smug tone of campaign ad>>.



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