Notes from the Commonwealth (Friday Edition)

If you’ve had the stomach to follow the bailout deliberations in the House and Senate, you may have heard of Rep. Eric Cantor (R).  He is Minority Whip and has proposed an alternative to the bloated White House plan.  It’s nice to know some of our representatives on the Hill have the cajones to offer some sensible alternatives.  Cantor’s plan calls for the Federal government to insure mortgage-backed securities, which are then to be sold in the private sector.  The great Larry Kudlow has more here.

Anyway, Rep. Cantor is from right here in the Commonwealth!  He is from the 7th District and is a rising star in the GOP.  And the GOP could use some fresh blood.  Seriously, start the transfusion now

Although he didn’t go to UVA, Rep. Cantor did receive his J.D. from William & Mary.  So he’s got some pretty good Old Dominion street cred.  Looking forward to seeing where his career takes him!


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